The Long Range Plan Team

Who are the coalitions?

American Indians Against Abuse (AIAA) is a tribal domestic violence and sexual assault coalition serving the eleven federally recognized tribal governments, service providers, and programs in Wisconsin with support and technical assistance to strengthen the response to victims of abuse in our communities. AIAA provides domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy training, awareness, and collaborations designed to be reflective of and have relevance to our local, regional, and national indigenous people and culture.

At Black and Brown Womyn Power Coalition, Inc., (BBWPC) our mission is to build the capacities of Black and Brown advocates and their communities to end violence against womyn, queer and trans folx, and young people. We envision a bold healthy community led by liberated and powerful Black, Brown, womyn, queer and trans folx, and young people. Our Core Guiding Values are informed by life-long advocates working to end gender-based violence with a belief that those most impacted should lead the work.

End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin (End Abuse) is a statewide, non-profit, membership organization of domestic violence victims, survivors, programs, allied partners, and supporting individuals. We promote social change that transforms societal attitudes, practices, and policies to prevent and eliminate domestic violence, and oppression. End Abuse WI takes an intersectional approach to understanding and addressing the root causes of racial, gendered, economic, and all other forms of oppression in the fight for equity and to end abuse.


Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault (WCASA) is a statewide coalition and membership agency guided by a mission to create social change to end sexual violence. WCASA provides a statewide infrastructure for sexual assault services and prevention, in collaboration with local, state, and national partners. Our vision is a world without violence, oppression, and racism where all people honor bodily autonomy and social justice. Our work is grounded in our foundation that to end SV, we must also end all forms of oppression.

Throughout this process, we received valuable input from across the state. Many thanks to all the individuals, programs, and state partners who provided insights, wisdom, and input into the 2023 – 2029 LRP.

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